Hills Groups

People need other people.

Here at Hills Church, we believe it's better to live life alongside others. One simple truth the Bible makes very clear is that we're better together. God didn't intend for you to do life alone, but meaningful and authentic relationships can be hard to find. In a church our size, it's so easy to feel invisible, disconnected, and alone. Hills Groups exist to help you build life changing and authentic relationships. In a Hills Group we have the chance to be known, cared for, loved, and find the kind of real, deep community we were created for. Click the link below if you're ready to to sign up for a group!
You can also take a look at our existing, open groups here.

Are you called to lead?

It's easy to think you might not be qualified to lead. But, we believe God has created and equipped each of us to impact, influence, and encourage the people around us. It doesn't take a theological degree or decades of experience, just a willingness to respond to God's call on your life and a desire to love those in our community. So if you're interested into stepping into leadership and challenging what you think you're capable of, click the link below and let's talk about that!