Deon & Brandy Brown

First Responders/Healthcare 
TBD - 2x a month
We both come from an EMS/Emergency back ground with colleagues and friends serving in all areas of first responders and healthcare. We have felt and seen the effects of the last few years on first responders and healthcare providers and desire to create a safe arena for fellowship, healing, and most importantly moving closer to Jesus.

Mike & Ricki Colomb

Every other Thursday Evening
We are so happy to be a part of what God is doing at Hills Church, and we are excited to host a Hills group in our home.  We truly believe that staying connected with other believers is the best way to grow and strengthen your relationship with Christ.

Daryl & Erin DeMay

Couples in Recovery
2nd & 4th Wednesday 7:00pm
We are a couple in recovery looking to connect with other couples who are navigating the same path. Our group is focused on those seeking to connect their recovery and relationships with the message of the Gospel. If you, your spouse or a family member has struggled with substance abuse, mental health issues, or any other hurt, habit, or hang-up we hope you will join us as we "trudge the road to happy destiny" (AA pg. 164)

Bruce Etchison

Older Couples
Every Sunday 10:30am
My wife, Sandra, and I have lived in Farmington for eight years. The picture is of me with my 94 year old mother. I 'm a retired Public Health Service officer having served twenty-five years with the Indian Health Service and five years with the U. S. Coast Guard. I feel there is a need to keep the elder members of Hills Church active in groups. We review the sermon, discuss its application to our daily lives,  and update each other about our lives. We always close with prayer and prayer requests.

Robert & Dana Garrison

Every Tuesday 5:30pm
We have 20+ years together figuring out this thing called life and God has given us way more blessings than we deserve.  We're new to the Group leader role and this is a perfect time to jump in and see what Hills Groups are all about. We're excited to grow in our relationships with God and follow where he leads us.

Jeff & Crissy Huisjen

College & Young Adults
Every Tuesday 6:00pm
One simple truth we can all agree on is that people need other people. In our lives we've been so blessed to have people care for us and pour into us. We're excited to be able to host a Hills Group and encourage others as they grow in life and faith.

Tim & Sheryl Smith

Empty Nesters
Every Wednesday 6:00pm
We've been blessed to lead many different types of groups over the years. We feel that groups are where church really happens. This is where you are able to know people, be open and honest, and really dig into life and faith.  Just a quick note, despite our use of the term "Empty Nesters", all are welcome. There's no prerequisite that you had to have had kids to join us for a great group!

Shelly Stevenson

Every other Thursday 6:30pm
I'm interested in leading a small group to build an inclusive community of women who have a place to fellowship. I have a heart for encouraging women and a desire to share in the challenges and joys we experience as we follow after Christ in a crazy, beautiful and messy world!

Tommy Trujillo

Young Married Couples
Every other Monday 6:30pm
My wife and I have been married for 12 years and had to figure out how to make our marriage work and want to share what we learned along the way. We love helping people. We don’t have all the answers, but want to help young couples navigate their  first years of marriage.
For more information on groups email our Associate Pastor Jeff Huisjen at!