Hills Church & Durango, CO


Students(6-12th Grade


Aug 1-3



Hills Church



Hills Church



Elevation Church



Hills Church


DAY 1  - Farmington, NM (Hills Church)
3:00p: Check-In
4:00p: Dinner
5:30p: Session 1
7:00p: Glowchella
8:00p: Travel to Durango, Colorado
9:30p: Check-In
10:00p: Condo Life Groups
11:30p: Room Checks
12:00a: Lights Out

DAY 2 - Durango, CO (Cascade Village)
7:00a: Breakfast & Life Group Time
9:30a: Cascade Village Foyer Opens
10:00a: Pre Rush Service & Worship Experience

10:30a: Session 2
11:30a: Lunch & Life Group
2:00p: Breakout Activities at Cascade Village
6:30p: Dinner
7:30p: Cascade Village Foyer Opens
8:00p: Session 3
10:00p: After Party
11:00: Dismiss to rooms
11:30p: Room Checks
12:00a: Lights Out

DAY 3 - Durango, CO (Cascade Village)
7:00a: Breakfast & Luggage Drop-Off
9:30a: Cascade Village Foyer Opens
10:00a: Pre Rush Service & Worship Experience

10:30a: Session 4
11:30a: Lunch & Life Group Farewell
1:00p: RUSHBATTLE Ceremony
1:30p: Breakout Activities at Cascade Village
6:00p: Pick-up luggage & depart from Cascade Village 

7:30p: Return to Hills Church for pick-up


What Should I Pack?
Don't leave home without the following:
● Your Bible
● Notebook (the sermons are going to be noteworthy)
● Debit/Credit/Prepaid Cards & cash only
● Sunscreen, workout clothes, tennis shoes, refillable water bottle, and appropriate swimwear (Remember, this is church camp not Spring Break in Cancun).
● Team colors
● Toothbrush and other toiletries (please and thank you)
● Phone charger (duh)
● Late night and roadtrip snacks (you can never have too many)
● No laptops or iPads (the only personal device allowed is your cell phone and you'll be having too much fun for those other things anyway)

THINGS TO LEAVE AT HOME: Bad attitudes, tobacco products (vapes, juuls, etc.), weapons, drugs, alcohol, lighters, pornographic content, and anything else you wouldn't want your grandmother to see. If a youth is caught with any of these prohibited items or they're not following the code of conduct during the event, parents/guardians may be subject to picking up their youth early from RUSHCONF'23 at their own expense.

REMINDER: Both you and your teenager agreed to this waiver. So, we have a deal! Thank you for partnering with us in making this the best (and safest) summer camp experience.

What Happens If I Have To Cancel?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds. This applies to YTH Group leaders, CHAPERONES, and YOUTH. If you or your

YOUTH can no longer attend RUSHCONF'23, you can send someone in their place by connecting with the Youth Pastor at your Church.

What Safety Precautions Will Be Taken?
We like to joke, but one thing we don't joke about is the safety of our YOUTH.
● Every ADULT serving is required to pass a background check.
● We'll have a team dedicated to keeping your YOUTH safe onsite DURING every part of the event.

Who Makes Up The Safety Team?
● Security staff & volunteers (think hall monitors and night watch)
● Medic and registered nurse

What are Medication Protocols?
● Youth who take medication must bring only what is needed for the duration of the event in a clear bag.
● Youth will be responsible for carrying and administering their own medication.
● If a teenager needs help with their medication, their YTH Group leader can help administer it, so long as they have parent consent.
● All medications must be documented during the bag-check at the campus check-in.

What Else Do I Need To Know?
● Every adult serving in our youth ministry is required to have a background check.
● If a youth is being bullied during our summer camp or doesn't feel comfortable confiding in their leader regarding a certain matter, they can text (505) 610-3116 to report the incident and receive immediate help.
● We will have a CPR certified adult on-site.
● There will be a sensory space available during worship experiences for any youth who need a quiet and calm place to enjoy the experience.

What Are The Cascade Village Room Assignments?
● 4 youth in a room (2 per bed)
● 4 leaders in a room (2 per bed)
● Room allocations will alternate between youth and leaders/chaperones.
● Room Checks will take place every night at 11:30PM by YTH Group leaders and chaperones.
● If you would like your student to turn in their phone at night, be sure to let their YTH Group leader know. The YTH Group leader will take the phone during the room check and return it to the student the next morning.
RUSHCONF24 Rooming Language


"My son Jacob De Marco came to the Rush Conference and had an amazing time! I wanted to let you know that both Jacob and my daughter Angelina will be joining you on Sunday nights for youth group. Thank you for being set on fire for this next generation and I look forward to what God has in plan for all of you. We look forward to hearing how excited the kids become for Jesus."

"On the 1st day of Rush Conference we were doing worship and they started singing a song called “The Blessing”. I love this song so much and it always speaks to me, but this time it was different. I was standing on the chairs and I was singing and my eyes were closed. I remember just praising God and everyone and everything disappeared and it was just me and Jesus. I was in the presence of God. That feeling was so powerful and so surreal. Until I opened my eyes, I had forgotten that I was even at church. That experience is something I will never forget and will carry with me the rest of my life :)"

"Rush Conference is great, I love it. I have so many memories and can't wait for Rush 2024. So many great things to do and grateful for who puts it all together.
I love Rush."